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The Association of Estate Agents of Namibia (AEAN) verifies each members Namibia Estate Agents Board (NEAB) Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) when they apply for their AEAN membership.

The AEAN verifies the FFC to make sure that they have a valid licence to operate and trade in Namibia as Estate Agents.

The AEAN trusts that it is in the interest of the public to specifically utilise the services of Estate Agents that are registered with the Association, as their members are exposed to more relevant information, constant training and enhancement of their knowledge and skills of trade. Thus, by demanding the services of a Member, the public can assist them in ensuring that the property industry in the country is protected to a larger extent.

The Members list of the Association of Estate Agents of Namibia (AEAN) Can be viewed here: AEAN Members List

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About the AEAN

The main objective of the Association of Estate Agents of Namibia (AEAN) is to maintain, protect, promote and co-ordinate the national interest of Estate Agents, and, in particular, of its members.

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