How to get your own Property Calculator for your Website?

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Are you an Estate Agent or Attorney in Namibia? Then get your own branded Property Calculator for your website and email signature.

We offer you our FREE Property Calculator that will be personalised with your company logo. This Property Calculator can be used by yourself to give more professional advice to your clients and to prepare them for the hidden costs that are applicable when purchasing property in Namibia. Your clients can access the Property Calculator directly from your website with your personal link.

Please visit the Property Calculators for Namibia link to see all the different calculations provided by the Property Calculator.

How to get your FREE Property Calculator?

Click here now! to submit your details for your own branded Property Calculator.
We will create your Property Calculator and provide you with the link that can be used on your website and email.

How to use your new calculator link?

You can place the link on your website or on your email signature.

See the following examples of websites with links to their own Property Calculators:

greenAGENT Trust ( ) Property Calculator Link!
YellowSquare Properties ( ) Property Calculator link!
Daphne Swanepoel Properties ( ) Property Calculator link!
HomePAGE Estate Agency ( ) Property Calculator link!
Golden Transfers ( ) Property Calculator Link!
James Real Estate (  ) Property Calculator Link!
Philip Swanepoel Legal Practitioners - Property Calculator Link!
Attie Ras Eiendomme/Properties - Property Calculator link!
Gateway Properties and Auctioneers (Pty) Ltd - Property Calculator Link!
One on One Properties - Property Calculator Link!

Send us your application so that you can have your own Property Calculator. Click here now!

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