Outdoor Advertising Policy

Every Municipality in Namibia have their own rules regulating (For Sale, To Let, On Show) estate agent advertising boards in that area. It is the agents duty to inquire and familiarise himself with the rules applicable to the specific area that the property is located in. These rules will apply to any estate agent board that is erected in the applicable municipal area. These are the general guidelines for the different municipal areas.

Windhoek Municipality (City of Windhoek)

CITY OF WINDHOEK - Policy on Outdoor Advertising Control Annexure A February 2007
(See specifically section 11. ESTATE AGENTS’ BOARDS)

It is a condition that no person shall erect or display an advertisement on Council property, streets and public places situated in the Council area, unless he / she has been given written authority to do so by Council. Each Estate Agency must apply for such written authority from the City of Windhoek and pay the required fee of N$1000.00. Once approved you will get written authority to erect and display temporary advertisement boards to promote the selling and letting of properties in the City of Windhoek municipal area for a period of one year.

This written authority needs to be renewed every year to continue erecting your advertisement boards or to prevent them from being taken down or to pay any penalties. This approval is subject to certain conditions being met as stipulated in the Outdoor Advertising Policy.

Any estate agents' board displayed in conflict with the provisions of this Policy may be removed by any person instructed thereto by the Council.

The cost of removal of any notice in terms of the above shall be the actual cost of removal plus an administrative levy of 15% and may be recovered from the estate agents' displaying, or causing to be displayed, any such board.


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